Technology is perhaps the most determining factor in the changes that carry our era (away). Already the 'gay' Nietzsche hypothesised as much. The aim of our society Mariage de Raison, or marriage of convenience is to offer a forum for patient reflection on the complexity that envelops us, so that philosophy and technology may affect one another in a promising way.

The reason, or interest of this initiative is not purely philosophical. When philosophers think about technology in their usual abstract way, they effectively make an abstraction of it : one could say that technology is thought away by philosophy. Mariage de Raison would hope to resist such a philosophical send-off. Technicians, on the other hand, do have a more benevolent stance towards technologies. One would not expect otherwise ! Only, they would not support the development of forms of knowledge that cannot be operationalised and which they might not wish to sign-up to. So, the reason for Mariage de Raison is not simply technological either.

The forum of Mariage de Raison neither is devoted to the philosophical, nor to the exclusively technological. It is contracted by reflection, by a late, but affirmative re-flection of technology and the ways it touches us, 'we others'. After all, man has ever since, before any considerations of convenience, been married into, hence endebted to the technical lines of credit and reflection.



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 Gilles Deleuze.

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zaterdag 26 april 2003 organiseerde Mariage de Raison in samenwerking met de Katholieke Universiteit van Brussel een studiedag rond arbeid en eigendom in een zich globaliserende wereld. meer info vindt u hier.


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