if you want to become a member of the ever growing community of Mariage de Raison supporters, you can send an e-mail to us with your contact info and choose between the following ways to fulfill your membership fee :

  • discount membership (students, unemployed, ...) : 12,50 per year
  • regular membership : 20,00 per year
  • supporting membership : 40,00 per year
  • life long membership : 200,00 (no yearly subscription)

please send this money by secured cheque or by a bank transaction on bankaccount :

Mariage de Raison vzw.
toekomststraat 14
B-8500 Kortrijk
468-2272441-88 of the KBC Bank

you can also contact us first on +32-56-24.90.60 during office hours (GMT +1).

you will then be invited to participate to all the meetings, conferences and happenings of the Mariage de Raison society, and get substantial discounts on all our activities.

current members

we don't publish our entire memberlist any more. however, since it might be interesting for you to contact someone you know, we have published here for your convenience our list of boarding members.

  • Paul Cruysberghs
  • Luc Roose
  • Geert Hofman
  • Judith Wambaq
  • Koen Matthijs
  • Luc Vanmarcke
  • Jan Deklerck
  • Sofie Messeman
  • Pat Bruggeman
  • Bart Buseyne


  • 3th Mariage de Raison day
  • 2nd Mariage de Raison day
  • renewed website
  • 1st Mariage de Raison day
  • initial website